Texas Sludge Coffee Company: Bundle Pack

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Texas Sludge Coffee Company was born in the heart of San Antonio, TX.  This small locally owned and operated family business, since 2007, has the desire and ambition to bring back what a good ol' cup of coffee should be! Working directly with small coop farmers, Texas Sludge Coffee Company roasts and grinds each small batch to order in antique machinery making the best tasting cup of coffee which is GOTEXAN certified.

The Texas Cowboy, Pecan Bundle: This bundle is by far the best pair that you can have in your kitchen. They are the most requested at events and across the states from our clients and customers.

What’s Your Grind?

 Most Households use the Medium Grind (Auto-Drip)

 Extra Coarse: Cold Brew

 Texture: Ground Peppercorns

 Coarse: French Press, Cupping, Percolator

Texture: Sea salt

Medium-Coarse: Chemex, Clever Dripper, Cafe Solo Brewer

Texture: Beach Sand

Medium: Flat Bottom Drip Brewer (Auto-Drip), Cone Shaped Pour Over, Aeropress 3+minute, Siphon Brewer

Texture: Playground Sand

Medium-Fine: Cone Shaped Pour Over, Aeropress 3-minute,

Texture: Table Salt

Fine: Espresso Machine, Aeropress 1-2 minute, Stove-top Espresso Maker

Texture: Powder Milk or Package Stevia

Super Fine: Ibrik - Turkish

Texture: Flour