Skin Tone Brightening Serum

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What It Does:
Formulated to eradicate age spots, sun spots and other areas of hyperpigmenta- tion, this serum lightens and brightens to reveal fresher, younger looking skin. Active ingredients work to minimize the appearance of uneven skin tone caused by UVA damage, restoring the the skin’s natural appearance.

Apply topically to areas of discoloration to clean skin morning and evening, ensuring it is fully absorbed before applying moisturizer. If wearing during the day, apply sunscreen or use a moisturizer containing a broad spectrum SPF of 30+.

How it Works:
By suppressing the process by which melanin is produced, the ingredients work in combination to lighten existing areas of hyperpigmentation and prevent the development of new discoloration. Skin tone becomes more even and the antioxidant effects of Resveratrol help to promote the production of new skin with lower levels pigmentation.