Baby Time Capsule
Baby Time Capsule
Baby Time Capsule
Original Time Capsule

Baby Time Capsule

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Parents fill Baby’s Time Capsule with memorabilia from the day and year of their child’s birth. This timeless keepsake is then sealed until a designated day–years in the future–when the baby is grown. This heartwarming 22-piece gift set comes with everything needed to create an absolutely unforgettable treasure.

Set Includes:

- Decorative Baby Time Capsule Tin

- Embossed lid for "Do Not Open Until" date

- Profile of Baby's World -- includes things like mom and dad's favorite music, gas prices, home prices, and much more.

- How-To Guide

- "Message to the Future" stationary set with matching envelopes

- Inventory check list

- Certificate of Authenticity

- and over 160 full-color stickers to make a photo album, seal the capsule, and more.

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