Eco Brand Pact Has Launched An Airplane Collection

I travel a lot. If there’s a month that I’m not on a plane that’s an oddity and since I also travel with a toddler I don’t always look as put together as I’d like.

I should also add that I have a son who is under two, which means he doesn’t need his own seat and I’m too cheap to buy him one given the skyrocketing prices, so he’s often on my lap! Needless to say when it comes to dressing for the airport/airplane I need to be comfortable. But I also know that I never feel good if I don’t look good, which is why I love that Pact launched what they are calling their Airplane Collection, which was designed with all-day wear in mind (and being comfortable even if you’re in that dreaded middle seat).

Yes, it’s a bit of a marketing gimmick to make an athleisure collection stand out to call the range “airplane collection,” but it works. These clothes actually are perfect for travel or anytime you need to be comfortable but also want to feel put together.

Everything in the range is made with 100% organic cotton, so they’re super soft. Plus, besides being organic, everything Pact makes is sustainable and fair-trade. They have a number of no-brainer coordinating pieces and given that they’re mostly offered in neutral colors they’ll transition well no matter where your day takes you when you land.

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